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Become A Vendor At Del Mar Horsepark

Vendor spaces at HITS Del Mar Horsepark offer brands the ability to showcase products & services to an upscale and high-end market.

To learn more about becoming a Vendor at Del Mar Horsepark, please click on the links below or send questions to: [email protected]

NOTE: Conducting business at Del Mar Horsepark or soliciting without authorization is prohibited. *Policy details are outlined at the bottom of this page.

*Conducting Business at Del Mar Horsepark

Only official sponsors and vendors are allowed to conduct business, promote products and services, or conduct sales activities within designated areas or booth spaces as agreed upon with HITS.

Official Sponsors and Vendors are required to provide requisite paperwork, including insurance and licenses.

Soliciting or Conducting Business Without Authorization is Prohibited

Soliciting business without authorization is commonly referred to as “Suitcasing”. Suitcasing refers to the practice of individuals or companies soliciting business, promoting products or services, or engaging in sales activities to attendees at our shows and events without being an official sponsor or vendor or obtaining proper authorization from HITS.

Suitcasing activities, including but not limited to distributing promotional materials, or engaging in direct sales pitches with exhibitors, are strictly prohibited.

Any individual or company found soliciting or conducting business without authorization may be subject to immediate expulsion from the show or event at the discretion of HITS and may be prohibited from participating in future shows and events hosted by HITS.