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HITS Del Mar Dressage Fall

USEF Level 2


September 7 – 8, 2024

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Circuit Champion Program

Note to Competitors: Due to a submittal date issue with FEI for a series prize, this program money will be awarded at HITS Del Mar Dressage Affaire on March 22-24, 2024

Show Program


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HITS Del Mar takes all precautions regarding the health, welfare and safety of all exhibitors, both equine and human. We are counting on everyone’s cooperation with the protocols we have put in place to run a safe horse show for all.

Biosecurity details


1) VACCINATION RECORD: Proof of vaccination for both Equine Influenza and Rhinopneumonitis within six months of entering the grounds must be submitted. If submitted on a letter from a veterinarian, it must show the date given as well as the date of vaccine administration. If given by someone other than a vet, proof must be submitted on a USEF vaccination form-available on the USEF website, and must include the type of vaccine, serial number and date given.

2) DECLARATION OF HEALTH: The declaration must be signed to confirm that all horses entering the grounds have been in good health, with no sign of infectious disease and have not had a fever above 101.5 within the past 14 days. Signing this form confirms that the horses listed are not demonstrating any signs of EHV-1, have not had any exposure to EHV-1 in 21 days and are not coming from a property with known EHV-1 positive cases.

3) CVI (CERTIFICATE OF VETERINARY HEALTH): A CVI issued by a vet -on a state issued form- must be submitted. The inspection date must be within 14 days of arrival to HITS Del Mar Horsepark.

4) ARRIVAL TIME: Once entered in the show, sign up for an arrival date and time.

CDI Horses will be accepted between 2-5 pm on Wednesday or 8 am-2 pm on Thursday prior to the show. If needing an arrival time other than the listed window contact Cindy at DelMarHealth@HITSShows.com. Veterinary fee will apply for CDI barn check if occurring outside the times above.

National horses will be accepted between 8 am-5 pm beginning Thursday prior to the show. You will sign up for an arrival block, either AM or PM. If needing an arrival time other than the listed window contact Cindy at DelMarHealth@HITSShows.com

5) COGGINS: Coggins is only required from horses arriving from out of the state of California.

Failure to submit the required documentation will result in horses not being permitted on the showgrounds.

Any questions regarding biosecurity protocols should be submitted to DelMarHealth@HITSShows.com


Night Watch Sign Up


If you are interested in night watch services for your horse while at HITS Del Mar Dressage events, please reach out to Tom Myers, Night Watch at 530-263-2688.

Photography Sign Up


If you would like professional photos taken during your rides, please contact Terri Miller at terrimillerphotos@gmail.com.

VIP Experience


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Feed and Bedding


Email Karla@hitsshows.com to order feed and bedding to be delivered at the show

Contact Show Team


Questions/concerns? Contact show management for assistance.

Show Manager:  Kim Keenan Stordahl  Kim@HITSShows.com / 564-202-4244

Show Secretary:  Angela Goodwin Volpert  Angela@HITSShows.com / 317-501-5161